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Million of people around the Globe come to flatparty to find, follow and share what they love.  Flatparty has developed a technology which enables hierarchical organization, grouping and two way communication via SMS and Email. Numerous large scale organizations, political parties, associations and unions are  all using our site on a daily basis. We have active users from all around the Globe.

Global Reach

Flatparty.com, the unique social networking site that pioneered two way communications via SMS and email has over a million active users from all over the globe.


Flatparty.com is the perfect place to promote your brand. Your ads will be viewed by millions of people from all over the world.

Diverse User Profiles

We have audience from every walks of life. Your product will reach wide range of people from every walks of life, race, gender and age.

Brand Visibility

We will make sure that your business generates critical interest in the user’s inner core and stays there. Advertise as per your taste and preferences using a selective algorithm involving choice users to ensure targeted audience.

Unique Content

Since large scale organizations, political parties and associations are using our site, our contents are of very high quality and extremely useful. You can advertise by targeting on specific groups, areas etc.

Your ROI is our business

Your Return on Investment will be tracked using specifically designed methods to measure the impact of the advertisement on your business. Your business is our Business.

About Us

Flatparty.com is a US based social media business with primary operations in New York. The business focuses on providing a unique social networking platform. Flatparty.com is a free social networking site allowing registered users to create profiles, groups, upload photos, video and music ,send messages and keep in touch with friends, family and colleagues from all around the world. The site also includes public features such as groups, events, polls and blogs. Groups let members share common interests. The events feature lets members publicize an event, invite guests, and track attendance, even before the event has started. We are the pioneer in the field of two way communication via sms and email. The main difference is the two-way communication facility via sms and email gateway. This patented software allows a user to communicate with thousands or millions via sms and email from my realm section of the site. ‘Flatparty’ has made mass communication much easier through the ‘my realm’ section of the site. A user will be able to interact via sms and emails with millions of people through this site.

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