Jobwiz by Flatparty   

Are you a HR professional, Manager, Entrepreneur, or a Team leader?

What is more convenient than getting a friendly and easy way to acquire any resource that would have cost you a lot or gave you a headache?

Cool? Yes!!!

www.flatparty.com is offering a unique, effective, cost considerable, and redefined way for you to find good talents for your company .
The key to a successful job posting is first recognizing that it is not a print classified advertisement. A job posting is interactive, and requires a good understanding of interactive marketing.

Our Jobwiz feature at flatparty.com provides an interactive marketing campaign for the entire firm…

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Here we introduce the smart way for getting the best candidate…

We Make It Believable
We offer Job Postings that are believable and complete to attract the top talent, giving room to most executive job seekers who are usually interested in job postings that contain detailed job descriptions and job requirements.

Our enticing and reliable jobwiz features includes:

  • High quality with low cost job posting techniques & find candidates using social media
  • Hiring executive job seekers with experience coupled with daily updates from our feeder flatparty
  • Latest industry feeds, based on preferences and choices
  • networking site for employers
  • Brand showcase through mailer campaign polls
  • Post job from our smart tool effortlessly
  • International team building strategy

Not only that, we have the enticing career feature to balance these up, it is a platform that balances it up all… here on flatparty our


  • Will help you to jumpstart your career goal, giving you a competitive edge in the labor market
  • Gives you a platform to create and outstanding resume, and advertise you to job seeker using our flatparty features globally; It’s your personal career planner.
  • Gives the edge to shadow mark interested employer, and follow up with latest trends in their world
  • Gives you access to our smart tool that suggest outstanding employers
  • Broaden your social connection, linking you with interesting and motivating job seekers and employers all around the globe better than any other social career networking sites

With flatparty.com you are on the go, join the party and keep your social and professional life mutually exclusive on the same platform.











  1. Jency

    New career feature is great feature. Easy to post resume and browse. Chat feature need more features like file share, video share ect


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