3 Ways To Find Top Talented Employees

Hiring and keeping top talents is still as difficult as it has always been. Breeding a company culture that drags in top talent is an exercise that the top US companies have in common and also it is one if not the best talent sourcing strategy to keep in mind. Take Southwest Airlines into consideration, which has currently gotten way more than 50,000 applicants for just 500 positions available.

Sadly, small businesses do not really have much luck with recruiting traditionally. Therefore, they are forced to use other means of recruitment, like job boards or trusted networks. In the search for top talents can be really easy if you possess the right accessories on hand and you are also willing to spend more time enforcing an efficient operation.

Listed below are 3 ways to find top candidates. These tips would help the you get the best employees, even if you are a new business or an entrepreneur.

  1. Post your job on well-known job boards

It is known that as many as 17% of candidates applies to jobs via job boards. It is essential to get yourself acquainted with those job boards that your candidates are most likely to spend their time on. Compartment job boards are unique in the industry; this thereby gives starting up companies the luxury of targeting the applicants that meet certain criteria. Some specialized job boards connote a smaller pool of candidates that are fit for the particular skill set needed. So if you are looking for tips on applicant sourcing, consider visiting: Flatparty

  1. Use the Social Media

The impact of Social Media as a means of talent attraction is increasing continually. As many as 40% of employers make use of Linkedin to search for top talents, and also, 30% use Facebook, and 13% make use of Twitter. The indispensable thing about achieving an effective social media campaign is making applicants have equal opportunities and also allowing them to utilize their social media profiles to apply for the job.

If it is normal in your company for candidates to focus more on their profiles on Facebook than their resumes, let them apply for your jobs with their profiles as a back-up. It makes recruitment look extremely easy and aspirants will find it easy just to utilize their profiles on the social media to apply for the job instead of filling forms every time they are interested in a job. This is one of the best ways to find top talents if you are a start-up entrepreneur or a big industry. And also, you can always request for a complete resume anytime if you are still in need of it.

  1. Leverage technologies to simplify talent sourcing.

Due to the ability to make employment an easy task for everyone, Recruitment Software Systems are becoming very crowd-pulling. They help small businesses to make talent collation more efficient by mechanizing every phase of the recruitment process, right from social recruitment to tracking of applicants, and aspirant management. A recruitment software system is an exquisite option if there is no time for you to initiate a hiring process on your own. In addition to that, they promise to search for all-star employees.

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