The Key to Successful Marketing- part 1

Why do you think you get so many clients and customers? Or wonder why you get massive sales on your product or service? What the number one problem you solve for them is? Are you aware? Are you sure? If you aren’t, it is most likely possible that your marketing might be missing something and you may be missing out on a lot of sales.

Discovering your “Key Selling Point.”

This is the only Marketing Message that is the main message in all communications about your business, your product or service. It is often difficult for small firm owners to uncover that which their marketing message should be. This is because they are too close to the business, and also because they view their business from their side of the desk.

It can be tremendous challenge to keep your marketing customer-focused

However, we know that we should be studying our business from our customers’ point of view; this is most times easier said than done. Due to this, it has become really easy to get overwhelmed with the amazing features that our product or service is contained with and thing our clients get attracted to it for the same reason.

But often times our perspective is overshadowed by our own beliefs and perceptions. And those beliefs may be untrue. So, how do know the actual reason customers are into your service or product and the real reasons they choose your products.

There is one way you can stay on track effortlessly.

YOU JUST ASK THEM! Yes, it is that simple and obvious, but people don’t really think of the obvious, you would be amazed by the turnout.

Your prospects, your customers and even your rejecters — those who visit but never buy can give you great insights on the advantages they appreciate the most in your product or service and the reason they have chosen to buy.

Either you have a lot of customers or you don’t.

You do not need a massive customer base to carry out your research to know if you are on the right track. Even if you only have a few customers or clients, get in touch with them and question them what they like the most about your product or service.

Speak to your clients or customers

  • What convinced them to buy?
  • Were you able to deliver on the guarantee?
  • What else in your business category do they need?
  • What are the things they don’t like about your product or service?
  • How can you improve on them?
  • In what other way can you make them happy or help them solve their problems. Is it by the use of your product or your services?

Speak to those who do not like your products

If you decide to carry out a survey on your rejecters (those who see your products, but never buy), try to find out why they don’t buy.

  • Ask them the product they purchase in place of yours and why they chose it over your own?
  • Ask them what the other product or service offered that yours didn’t?
  • Ask them if there is anything you can do to get their attention in the future?

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