5 Traits that Shows You are a Great Boss

Every boss will have his or her own opinion about what makes a great leader. Employees on the other hand will have their own opinions about what makes a great leader. So how do you really gauge yourself as a boss? Every little trait from trust and respect to personality and leadership adds up to define a leader or a manager or a boss.

If you are not sure how you stack up – watch out for these below traits of highly successful leaders

You have a strong desire to see your employee succeed

Who doesn’t want to keep a great employee because they are so productive? Ironically there is little you can do to keep them forever in your organization or even team. However you can definitely ensure they stay with you for a longer duration by looking from their perspective and offering them opportunity that allows them to grow in your organization or team. The fact is the moment they stopped learning and developing they won’t stay with you.

Know your key strength

A good leader knows his or her own performance dynamics before making a demand on others. Knowing your own strengths and weakness will help you to be a more thoughtful and aware leader.

Provide feedback

This is one trait shared by all great bosses – they give feedback – regardless of whether it is good, bad or ugly. Your employee or direct reports want feedback and it is very important in making your team as productive as possible.

Being relentless

Good leaders shepherd their people through every hard turn. Ironically the biggest rewards for being consistently successful are – keeping your job and getting even more responsibilities and challenges. How do successful managers thrive in such situations? First of all, every responsibility and challenges brings along host of opportunity in the form of greater visibility to stake holders and opportunity for further growth. Highly successful leaders know how-to and when-to chip away at a huge pile of tasks.

Being a transformational leader

One of the best qualities of highly successful leaders is their ability to transform employees from self-centered performance to organizational goals. This can happen only when the boss know his or her employee and understand their needs and motivation factors and possess the capability to transform them into achieving organizational goals.

Being compassionate

A seasoned leader knows the importance of stepping into the shoe of their employee and looking at things form their perspective. This trait is one of the most challenging traits to acquire if you are not naturally equipped.

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