Business Name – How to Pick One from A Legal Perspective

The name of an enterprise can be paramount in the ultimate success or downfall of a company. Sadly, a lot of people fail to think it prior to progress. There are a lot of factors to put into consideration, including something unforgettable. A name that has relations with your niche and, possibly, the domain name’s availability.


The process of picking a domain name is similar to getting married. You will have to stick with the flow when it gets bitter. It is possible that a prospect will like to see your Advert and business name for at least 22 times before agreeing to do business with you. Once your firm is known by a particular name, changing it will be destructive. Once you have chosen a name, glue to it.

Giving a Name to Your Business

If you are going to stay married to the name of your business, ensure that your bride isn’t already married to any other suitor. These are significant issues you have to consider.

Firstly, you will have to consider if the name you have chosen is not used yet in your state. The person who handles all the names of corporations, LLCs and partnerships in the state is The Secretary of State. Most of them have websites you can search for names. Even if you are a sole owner, you need to check the name for those who have already registered in the state database. If the name is being used by someone else, you will have to consider another name.

After the name has already passed to the secretary of state, you will also need to check for it at the Patent and Trademark Office. The job of the PTO maintains a database online. As you did with the secretary of state, you can also conduct online searches to be sure that there is no other business using the name.

In recent times, a lot of companies use websites as a part of their business model. If you do this too, you will need to check if your business name is available as a domain. If it is available, you should get it registered immediately. If it is not, you can either change the name or focus on a domain name that tells more about your product instead of the business name.

Avoid any Problems

Your business could be in trouble if you don’t put these precautions into practice. Imagine the unfavorable impact it will have on your business if you will have to change it after three successful years down the line. Think and re-think before you select a business name. Like a life partner, it can either be good or bad.

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