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When A Handshake Is Not Enough: Why You Need A Partnership Agreement

A formal partnership agreement is a prudent investment, but not a compulsory one. It is not required to form an association, especially in a kind of set up business between two or more people that is not a limited company. However, if you wish to avoid uncertainty and problems, it… Read more »

How to develop connection skills to succeed in an organization?

Everyone in an organization, especially leaders and managers need to develop skills to connect and communicate that help them drive results. Managers who are good at organizing tasks also find it easy for them to maintain a connection with people. Weak connection skills prevent many mangers from graduating into becoming… Read more »

Make sure you are not making these small business HR mistakes

  As an entrepreneur or a small business owner, it is expected that you should master the art of jumbling. You should be ready to wear multiple hats from marketing to accounting to human resources. However when you juggle with multiple tasks, it increases your likelihood of making mistakes. It… Read more »